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New peptide was born

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New peptide was born

【 Main ingredients 】 Bacillus subtilis and its metabolites


Strong immunity enhancement: enhance immunity and disease resistance of pigs, poultry and aquatic animals, improve intestinal health and enhance anti-stress level.

Increase yield and efficiency: improve the growth performance of piglets and reproductive performance of sows; Prolonging the peak of egg production and improving egg quality; Reduce the ratio of meat to poultry, improve meat quality; Improve aquatic product animal production speed, speed up appear on the market speed.


This product is a fermented product, the slight change of color and smell does not affect its quality, and can be used at ease.

This product has high safety, no residue, no stop period, suitable for export breeding enterprises.

This product has no contraindication and can be used with feed additives.

Use as soon as possible after unpacking.

[Storage conditions and methods]

Store in dry and ventilated place.

[Packing specification] 25kg/ bag

[Shelf life] 24 months



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