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Core values "Let antibacterial peptides benefit all mankind"
Interpretation:The birth of Sinagri Yingtai stems from the founder's dream of escorting human food safety and life health, stemming from the successful transformation of high-end biotechnology research and development results. Therefore, Sinagri Yingtai people firmly establish the values of “let antibacterial peptides benefit all mankind”, focusing on antibacterial peptides and products related to or extending antibacterial peptides, allowing high-end biotechnology to go out of the laboratory for all humanity. Bring more happiness. This is the foundation of Sinagri Yingtai's enterprise, and it is also the profound connotation of Sinagri Yingtai people's unswerving struggle for life.
  • ExpandShrinkTalent strategy: attract talents with charm; Manage talent with ability; Retain talents with a mind.

    With talent, companies have hope. With talent, the company will develop. With talent, the company must succeed.

    Talent is an important factor in the survival and development of an enterprise. The company continues to establish a sound corporate system, and implements and guarantees the continuous improvement of the company's competitiveness, so as to continuously achieve corporate goals.

    The company and its employees share the fruits of the company's creation, motivate employees to keep making progress, and further contribute to the company's development.

    Employees are the foundation of the company's development, and professional managers are the mainstay of the company's development.

    The company attaches great importance to the value and role of talents, and strives to build a talent system that meets its own development needs: professional manager team, excellent staff team, and through training, manager training programs, employee career development channels and other measures.

    The company has its own talent standards: not only must have the necessary talents, but also people with lofty moral character and social responsibility, in order to become the company's real talent.

  • ExpandShrinkCorporate mission: escort human food safety and life health

    At the beginning of the establishment of Sinagri Yingtai, it is incumbent upon him to take the initiative to undertake the social responsibility of “protecting human food and life health”. Based on the industry's characteristics, Sinagri Yingtai relies on its strong R&D capabilities to continuously transform its scientific research achievements in the biological field into real productivity. Therefore, we will continue to contribute more non-resistance products to the whole society and provide a solid guarantee for human food safety and life health from the source.

  • ExpandShrinkCorporate vision: to create a high-end, large-scale, international bio-industry group

    High-end: Sinagri Yingtai uses high-end biotechnology to create high-end bio-products; provides high-end quality services to customers with high-end service model; and establishes high-end corporate image for antibacterial peptide industry with high-end industry model. On this basis, Sinagri Yingtai Group will lead the development of the industry with a new look of high-end.

    Large-scale: Sinagri Yingtai relies on the National Feed Engineering Center as a technology. After only a few years of development, it has not only acquired a comprehensive bio-industrial park with a scale of 1037 acres and a large-scale production in Linzhou, Henan Province. National project approval, the establishment of a number of laboratories and research and development centers in accordance with international standards. In addition, the operation of the Group's wholly-owned subsidiaries and the construction of the cooperative holding branch system are also improving.

    Internationalization: Sinagri Yingtai has begun its global layout, with Southeast Asia, Europe and North America as the first development areas. At present, Sinagri Yingtai has set up a bio-protein production base in Vietnam to build a plasma protein and whey protein production base in Italy. In addition, Sinagri Yingtai will also set up a number of overseas companies and production bases, and strive to enter the ranks of international multinational companies as soon as possible.

    The grand blueprint outlined by Sinagri Yingtai is gradually unveiling. A high-end, large-scale, international bio-industry group has already begun to take shape. The business platform created by Sinagri Yingtai is enough to give employees a broad space for exhibitions to realize their value dreams. At the same time, it is enough to create a huge wealth space for partners and investors to realize their dreams of life.

  • ExpandShrinkEntrepreneurial spirit: innovation, pragmatism, cohesion, hard work

    Sinagri Yingtai people are the founders, dare to expand the world, and innovate all things; Sinagri Yingtai people are the forerunners, dare to march forward and lead the times; Sinagri Yingtai people are cautious, fast development, not forgetting to be cautious, seeking truth from facts; Sinagri Yingtai People are more cohesive, uniting all like-minded people, fighting spirit, fighting and enterprising.

    The company firmly believes that a good corporate spirit is an important spiritual food for employees, and a source of motivation for employees to keep making progress and gain market competitive advantage. The company advocates the spirit of innovation, pragmatism, cohesion, hard work and enterprising, advocating the work style of teamwork, condensing the wisdom and strength of all employees, and creating a brilliant enterprise.

  • ExpandShrinkMarket policy: integrating resources, intensive work, focusing on the market, focusing on products

    Fully integrate the effective resources inside and outside the enterprise, and exert the power of the enterprise to provide a strong backing for market sales. Work hard on the target market, so as to avoid gaps and gaps, and communicate directly with consumers. The focus of the company has always been on the front line of the market, keenly capturing the feedback information at the forefront of the market, adjusting the direction of application research and development in a timely manner, and continuously providing products that consumers most need.

  • ExpandShrinkDevelopment ideas and development strategies

    Development ideas: Taking the basic research and development of the National Feed Engineering Technology Research Center as the core, accelerate the construction of the three systems of antibacterial peptides, micro-ecology and veterinary drug application and development; strengthen the construction of two management and operation center systems in Beijing and Zhengzhou; establish and improve the rapid development of Sinagri Ying Thai holding branch system construction. To provide safe and healthy and competitive products for the market and partners, and provide strong capital support for partners to maximize the interests of partners.

    "Integrate resources, intensive cultivation, focus on the market, focus on products", to realize the great dream of Sinagri Yingtai people "let the antibacterial peptides benefit all mankind"!

    Development strategy: Grasping the two ends, building the network, stabilizing the team, and practicing internal strength. Improve customer relationship management, expand marketing network, stabilize the workforce, improve organizational effectiveness, and strengthen the core competitive advantage of the company through the improvement of its own management level.

    Tree brand, living mechanism, power, and value. The company establishes a good brand and a highly flexible and effective enterprise mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, so that the company will always maintain strong competitiveness, win the favor of the market, create value for customers, enterprises, employees and society.

    Strong industry, wide expansion, control of resources, and industry. Concentrate on the pharmaceutical industry, develop relevant diversification, control limited resources, and successfully realize the extension to the depth of the industry and the expansion of the width.

    Focusing on the "Bio-Industry Development Plan of the State Council", "accelerating the application of bio-technical products such as feed enzyme preparations, micro-ecology, antimicrobial peptides, and plant extracts in the livestock sector" through the implementation of science and technology, talents, markets, capital, The five major strategies, such as brand, will make Sinagri Yingtai a high-end, large-scale and international bio-industry group.

  • ExpandShrinkQuality policy and service guidelines

    Reputation wins friendship and quality service brings eternal benefits.

    The company pays attention to the application of high and new technology in enterprises, pays attention to corporate reputation, and provides quality services to create benefits for customers, enterprises, employees and society.

    Smile, information, fast service, expertise, quality products, and the right price.

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