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Awesome, Sinagri Yingtai!

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Awesome, Sinagri Yingtai!



Linzhou Sinagri YingTai Bio-peptide Co., Ltd. successfully passed the certification of intellectual property management system


From January 23 to January 24, 2018,Zhonggui(Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. sent two auditors to conduct a comprehensive review of various departments of Sinagri Yingtai in accordance with the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations”. The auditor has confirmed that the establishment of the management system of Sinagri Yingtai is in compliance with the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations” and is effective in operation through communication, review of relevant system documents and records, and determines the recommended registration of Sinagri Yingtai. Through the certification work of the company, the company's intellectual property management system has been improved. The requirements of the "Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standards" standards have been integrated into the R&D, production and operation management of the company, which has better protected the enterprise. Intellectual property rights have comprehensively improved the level of intellectual property management of enterprises, improved the industry competitiveness and brand influence of enterprises, and played a positive role in preventing and controlling intellectual property risks, improving research and development capabilities, production efficiency and market competitiveness.


Sinagri Yingtai successfully passed the European Feed Additive and Premixed Feed Quality System Certification

On January 22, 2018, Sinagri Yingtai Company ushered in the FAMI-QS certification on-site audit . FAMI-QS stands for European Feed Additive and Premixed Feed Quality System. This certification is the only quality and safety control system for feed additive and additive premix feed production throughout Europe. It is the first choice for suppliers outside Europe. At present, it has become a necessary and powerful weapon for export enterprises to go overseas.

This certification was commissioned by the Beijing HSL Certification Center (the only Chinese certification body authorized by the FAMI-QS Association of the European Union for FAMI-QS certification) to conduct two-day on-site audits. The audit process includes document review of the company's production, procurement, sales, quality assurance, personnel, security and office and other relevant departments of the FAMI-QS system documents, as well as production sites, laboratories, warehouses and other important locations. During the On-site audit, each process of the production process and each small key parameter expert will ask the relevant personnel for detailed explanation. This rigorous attitude is not only responsible for the duties of the review experts themselves, but also for the risk of the accredited companies going to the international road in the future, and responsible for the future of Sinagri Yingtai.

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