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Take the lead in the application of fruit preservation and mildew prevention

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Compared with other domestic institutions and companies that study antimicrobial peptides, only antibacterial peptides are used as laboratory research topics. Haispodi has taken the lead in the market application of antimicrobial peptides. They first chose to apply to the mildew preservation of fruits.

At present, there are various methods used in the field of fruit anti-mildew in China, most of which are toxic and harmful means prohibited by law, such as sulphur fumigation, formaldehyde fumigation, potassium permanganate spraying, antibiotics, etc. The resulting problems are numerous, resulting in a large number of resistant bacteria, unable to export, poor food safety and even cancer. Antimicrobial peptides are widely used in nature, and their safety is guaranteed. Haispodi has obtained the validity certificate issued by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences and the safety and non-toxic certificate issued by Ningbo Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

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