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No anti-activity on the Taihang Mountain in March

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No anti-activity on the Taihang Mountain in March


Sinagri Yingtai Biological Park

On the morning of March 23,the “Taihang Spring”big client activity was held as scheduled in the meeting room of the company.

More than 30 feed industry guests around the country gathered Sinagri YingTai to discuss no-anti. The President Yang Yucai, Manufacturing division general manager Liu Yangke, group technical Director Zhangjiang, President Assistant Xun Hai Tao attended the meeting.

President Yang Yucai extended a warm welcome to all the guests and gave a brief introduction to the overview and development of Sinagri Yingtai Company.

Xiong Haitao and Dr. Zhang Jiang respectively gave detailed PPT explanations on “New Technology for Feeding Antifungal Drug Substituting” and “New Technology for Feeding Anti-Gram-negative Bacterial Substance”.

Each guest conducted technical exchanges and discussions on product application and production process with relevant company leaders.

Finally, the guests visited the fermentation workshop and the group technological testing center.

The next day, all the guests visited the Taihang Grand Canyon and learned the Red Flag Canal Spirit.

At this meeting, everyone has deepened the recognition of Sinari YingTai’s "no anti-breeding" business philosophy, the effect of YingTai II, Anti-clostridium tide on Clostridium avianum and the improvement of feed conversion rate, reducing the weight of meat and poultry Have a deeper understanding than the other roles. At the same time, the guests expressed their willingness to cooperate with Sinagri Yingtai to contribute to the development of the animal husbandry industry and realize the great vision of making antibacterial peptides beneficial to all mankind.

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